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I am V.K. Sivagamy 47 years old, who runs not a single job, but various jobs in my daily day routine. I am a self-employed. Independent Woman, a mother, to 3 teenagers, a house wife. A chef in the kitchen and a road runner who is on the move throughout the day who barely had the time do anything special for myself. I used to feel tired, sluggish and I was not happy with my appearance due to my weight, which causing me severe knee pain and the way I look and felt before. But it was all changed from the time I joined SlimWorld...

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V.K Sivagamy A/P Krishnan

From our Cheras Permaisuri branch

47 years old, self-employed.
Before : 80.2kg, Now: 73.25kg. Total weight loss : 6.95kg

I lived to eat, consuming all the food and I couldn't stop eating and control my diet. The more I ate, I become bigger until I ballooned up to 72kg. I used to think that I could eat anything I want like "fast food, snacks and soft drinks". I become the butt of jokes, my friends and relatives called me names "hippopotamus". I tried exercise and control diet, but it keeps my weight gain...

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Nur Hamidah

1st Runner Up of Ms Kebaya SlimWorld 2013

24 years old, Student.
Before : 72kg, Now: 57kg. Total weight loss : 15kg

It's my third pregnancy! I was surprised, delighted and worried. I am worried about work and of course my weight. My work requires me to look good, and like many other woman looking good means 'feeling' good. I wasn’t as worried because I knew I had a 'friend' waiting for me... Slim World was there before this and will continue to be. I started my programme early, I was focused and determined to loose those excess kilos I gained during pregnancy...

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Siti Rozita

2nd Runner Up of Ms Kebaya SlimWorld 2013

38 years old, Mother of 3 children
Before : 65kg, Now: 57kg. Total weight loss : 8kg (3 months)

I was 96kg before I signed up myself to SlimWorld last year. I start to gain all the weight after my first pregnancy in 1999. I gained 30kg for the first pregnancy. I have tried almost everything to get rid the baby fat I gained during pregnancy but it doesn't seem to really work. To make things worst, my weight bounce back double once I stopped. At the end I have given up on trying any slimming product. I was in denial then, I never want to know how much I weigh until the day I stepped into SlimWorld where ...

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Suzanna Samad

Winner of Ms Kebaya SlimWorld 2013
38 years old, Mother of 2 teenage children
Before: 96kg, Now: 68kg. Total weight loss: 28kg (6 months)

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