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CRF - Cavitation Radio Frequency

SlimWorld has unveiled its latest treatment to help you to shape up and look good. The CRF (Cavitation Radio Frequency) treatment is suitable for both men and women and utilizes the most recent advanced treatment, which is radio frequency.


How it works

Cavitation stimulates blood circulation and the radio frequency penetrates deep into the third layer of the skin to break fatty tissues.

This painless and non invasive treatment helps shape up the body and smoothen skin texture on the face. It can also help to lighten stretch marks.


The CRF treatment also helps men to achieve a toned tummy. This treatment can be carried out on various problem areas such as the upper arms, thighs and tummy.


You will see the difference after just one session.



The CRF treatment package deals start from RM 1299.


For an added boost, a session in the Infra Bed helps you burn 600 calories. Slimworld also offers a menu of signature treatments.


The Rainbow Colour Therapy (RCT) helps balance the energy (yin and yang) in your body based on the colours of the rainbow.


Why CRF?

If you have problems with unsightly orange peel skin, Cavitation Radio Frequency is most suitable for you. The CRF reatment breaks down stubborn fat and reduces dimpled or uneven skin around the thighs and hips.


It is quite often referred to as a non-surgical facelift because the heat generated not only promotes the production of brand new collagen but shortens the length of the existing collagen fibres helping ‘tighten’ the skin back up. There are many variances of this technology, but they all basically perform the same function.

* Results of slimming sessions vary for individuals


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